What are the Side Effects of HCG Drops?

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The HCG diet has side effects.  People who had undergone the diet can tell you that.  The side effect though is, more than anything else, often the result of faulty implementation of HCG diet protocols. So if you ask “do the HCG drops have side effects?”, you will get a negative answer and it will be accurate.

Instead of being the cause of serious discomforts, the HCG drops help to prevent a lot of them. The HCG diet is very low calorie and as can be expected, it brings about headaches, mood swings and leg cramps, not to mention the usual food cravings. Without the HCG drops, though, the diet can have side effects more serious than those already mentioned.  As perhaps you know already, prolonged low calorie diet can shift the metabolism to a starvation mode and when this happens the protein in muscles are consumed to generate energy.  The HCG drops prevents this by making the metabolism work extra fast.  This process means the body always has adequate supply of needed calories.  This reduces the food cravings as well.

Some people say men can experience hair loss because of the HCG hormone. This is not true at all. If there are men who actually experience hair loss it cannot be the consequence of using the HCG drops. The only logical explanation for this is it is caused by the stress of the HCG diet.

There are men who fear they will develop women-like physical attributes because the HCG hormone is taken from women. Some fear they will develop “boobs”. These fears are unfounded. Thousands of men have successfully completed the HCG diet program and not one among them is complaining about having actually developed “boobs” or other women-like characteristics.

Women get the same side effects from the HCG diet as the men, the same slight dizziness, mood swings and leg cramps. As the diet progresses and the properties of the hormone take effect, these side effects will disappear.  There is the OHSS of course, a more severe side effect that affects women, but it is very rare and you can be off the program long before anything serious happens.

The HCG hormone can only have negative effects when you administer it through the injection method. Injections are not liked by most people for aside from the pains, it can cause blood clots, and contamination. The tedious process of preparing the shots which you may not have time anyway, and administering them yourself can also aggravate the stress you get from the HCG diet.

The HCG drops eliminate all difficulties related to the injections. You only need to swallow five drops of the hormone 20 minutes before meals and you get the range of benefits the hormone offers. When you want to remove your excess pounds fast am without experiencing problems take the HCG drops. This form of HCG hormone doesn’t have any kind of side effects that can render the HCG diet ineffective. In fact, it makes the diet work even more efficiently.


Is there such a thing as HCG Diet Scam?

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Scams are really quite common. When a product or service becomes popular with people, expect someone to try making money from it by offering inferior versions. The HCG diet is not an exception to this.  You have to be careful when buying HCG as there are fake HCG hormones being sold as genuine.

The HCG hormone is the key to a successful implementation of the HCG weight loss diet. Its ability to speed-up your metabolism is the reason why you are able to lose weight fast without suffering from difficult HCG diet side effects. You can say goodbye to losing weight and your hard-earned money when you fall victim to HCG scams.

The most effective thing you can do to avoid getting victimized by HCG diet scams is to find out where you can buy genuine HCG hormone and the things it is capable of doing. Thousands have already undergone the diet. Surely, one of them is a friend or acquaintance who would be willing to give you useful advice.

A doctor who has experience in the HCG diet is another source of good HCG information.  It is possible he may know of trustworthy suppliers. He is definitely a safer source of info than online suppliers who naturally would try to portray their products as the best. You do not take the assertions of suppliers as gospel truth. You might want to do some research on them to see if they are legit.

In case a doctor can’t assist you with purchasing HCG, you can always join online HCG diet forums and discussions boards.  Participants in these forums are actual HCG users and will not hesitate to tell which suppliers provide the best hormone. By this time, the most reliable suppliers and brands are already identified. Joining forums have other benefits.  You get the opportunity to get answers to questions that may not be clear to you about the HCG diet program. You get the authentic HCG diet drops  and you get valuable tips on how you can successfully implement the program.

Some medical clinics offer HCG diet services. These clinics sometimes have contacts among HCG suppliers. You ask them for help. It is not likely they will produce less than reliable HCG as they have a business to protect.

It is easy to tell whether you have the genuine article or not.  The hormone is proven able to prevent serious HCG diet side effects and weight loss is supposed to be fast. The side effects of the diet include moodiness and alight headaches. The minimum weight lost every day is not less than half a pound. When you experience more than the mild depression and headaches and you are not losing weight despite your strong adherence to prescribed protocols, you can be sure the HCG hormone you are taking is not genuine. You have fallen victim to scammers.

In summary, yes, there is such a thing as a HCG diet scam. But you can avoid falling victim to it by being extra careful when you buy the HCG hormone which is the key to a successful HCG diet.




The Official HCG Diet Plan

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People are finding varied ways of implementing the HCG diet plan. When we say HCG diet plan we usually refer to the one developed by Dr. Simeon, the first person to introduce the HCG hormone as a weight loss agent.

There many good reasons why Dr. Simeon chose the foods he included in the HCG diet recipe and why the diet is a very low calorie.  He developed the diet in such a way that it would respond to specific needs. The first need was to cleanse your body of toxins that made it less efficient when it came to metabolizing foods consumed.  The second need was it made the HCG hormone even more effective.

The HCG diet plan calls for consumption of 125 to 200 IUs of the HCG hormone daily.  This hormone, he found out when he was working with pregnant women in the 1960’s, helped to reduce weight by accelerating a person’s metabolic process.  Unfortunately, though, this property of the hormone had to be triggered when directly applied to weight loss. Dr. Simeon experimented long and hard before he came up with a solution to this problem – the HCG diet.

The official HCG diet plan tackles various matters like the kinds of foods you may consume and how much. The measurements are exact and there are recommendations as to how meals should be prepared.  Changing the foods and corresponding amounts proposed in the HCG diet recipe is not encouraged.

The plan starts with two or three days of consuming calorie loaded foods. You probably find this strange, but if you are just off an unsuccessful low calorie diet program, you have to stabilize your stocks of body fat. This calorie loading makes it a lot easier for you to adjust to phase 2, the most difficult of the three phases of the HCG diet plan.

Phase 2 of the official HCG diet plan does not allow any kind of solid food for breakfast. But you can have coffee or tea in any amount you like, and you may have one teaspoon of milk to go along with it. You may use stevia as sweetener, but definitely no sugar. For the needed calorie there’s a bit of melba bread or grassini.

The diet plan provides a list of foods you may choose from when preparing lunch or dinner. There are lean meats, vegetables, fruit and shrimp or lobster. All foods are to be measured raw. To avoid adding more calories during food preparations, it is recommended that grilling or broiling is the main method of cooking. You can prepare meals in other ways if you prefer, however, you can only use condiments and seasonings specified in the recipe. You can find the official HCG diet plan in “Pounds and Inches”, a book written by Dr. Simeon to guide dieters in the proper implementation of the HCG program.

There’s really no need to revise the HCG diet plan as formulated by Dr. Simeon. It has been proven potent many times over by many people. Anything you add to or deduct from the original diet will certainly have an impact on the results of your weight loss efforts and a lot of times the impact is not what you’d like.

Why it’s easy to Deal with the Side effects of HCG Diet

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Information provided by some articles about the side effects of the HCG diet is often misleading. You do not believe them outright.  If you want to enjoy the considerable benefits of the HCG diet, it is important that you find out the truth about the diet.

Some articles highlight the possible dangers you will experience when take on the 500 calorie a day HCG diet. They say the extreme reduction in calorie consumption can result in muscle loss and substantially weaken your body. They also say the hungers are intolerable and you may find it difficult to complete the program.

The abovementioned worrying scenarios are rather unlikely.   The HCG diet actually provides more than 500 calories. The thing is, the diet is not just about calories. You do not even count calories. It is really about eating the foods that can help you lose weight.

You lose muscles only when your body goes into starvation mode. This is not possible with the diet because the HCG hormone you take while you are dieting triggers continuous burning of your body fat which releases a great amount of calories.

The HCG diet is very particular about the types of foods and the amounts you are allowed to eat. It is when you do not strictly observe its protocols that serious side effects occur.

The HCG diet side effects include light headedness and moodiness during the first days of the low calorie stage, but these are understandable. All low calorie diets display the same effects. There is no way these side effects turn into something more dangerous.  In a few days more, expect these uncomfortable feelings to completely disappear.

The hunger pangs some people say prevent you from completing the program are not really that intense.  The HCG diet recipe is composed of foods loaded with proteins and fibers. This means that throughout the 23 day low calorie phase, you will subsist mainly on pre-selected lean meats, fruits, vegetables and seafood.  These foods are “heavy” on the stomach. You get satisfied a lot faster and feel satisfied a lot longer.  And the 2 liters of water you are required to drink daily are not only for body cleansing- purposes. Frequently seeping water forestalls the food cravings.

Most people engaging the HCG program prefer the oral method of administering the HCG over the HCG injections. The hormone, a substance that naturally occurs among expecting women, itself has no side effects.  However, you may have some problems with it if you do not tolerate inject ions well.  You may feel more depressed or moody when you also have to cope with the pains and possible clotting of the blood caused by the shots. It’s evident that the HCG diet drops is the best way to administer the HCG. Swallowing a few drops of the hormone is more convenient that the injections.

The HCG diet side effects that you often read in articles are not as worrying as you may think.  As long as you follow the protocols of the HCG program, you will lose weight fast and safely

Losing Weight is not difficult with the HCG Diet Plan

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Albert T. W. Simeons, a British doctor, developed the HCG diet plan while he was in India working with pregnant women. He discovered that the HCG hormone secreted by the women, helped people with weight problems.  The HCG, he found out, allowed people to take on very low calorie diets because it enabled them to make use of their stored body fat to replace the calories lacking in their diets, and it helped them preserve their muscle mass.

Very low calorie diets are very popular these days. However, there are many complaints about these diets. Unbearable cravings for food and health issues are the main reasons why these diets often fail. The HCG diet plan takes care of these issues. The diet is low calorie and low carb, but it offers foods rich in proteins and fibers. These foods promote good health, and stay much longer in the stomach which means people feel satisfied with less food and do not feel hunger shortly after meals. The HCG diet requires people to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Taking sips of water every so often prevents food cravings from making trouble.

The HCG diet food lists provide very limited quantities of food. The food lists created by Dr. Simeons which can be found in the book is the first recipe of the HCG diet plan. There are other food lists espoused by other HCG advocates that supposedly work better, but the original food is really the best.

The proteins, fibers, and water help ease the cravings food. They can’t eliminate the food cravings completely, however. It is the hormone actually which makes the diet more tolerable.  The constant burning of fat stores guarantees the body has continuous supply of energy while excess pounds are rapidly dropped.

HCG diet plan has several phases. The first phase is known as the loading period. During this phase, which runs for two or three days, HCG dieters are permitted to consume their favored calorie-loaded foods. The intention is for dieters to add more fats in the bodies. They have an easier time dealing with HCG diet side effects when their bodies have adequate amount of fat to convert into energy during phase 2.

Phase two of the plan is the low calorie diet. This phase can last 23 to 40 days depending on the amount of excess fat that needs to be removed. When the 23rd day is reached and the weight loss target is achieved, the consumption of the HCG is stopped. The diet though continues for another three days. After this, the maintenance phase follows covering three weeks.  During Phase 2, people are expected to lose not less than half pound a day.

The HCG hormone can be taken through injections or HCG drops. The daily amount of HCG required each day is 125 to 200 IUs. Of the two methods, the HCG drops is more convenient.  It is painless unlike the injections which many find threatening.

No one is required to do strenuous exercises when undergoing the HCG diet plan. HCG diet experts recommend just light exercises.