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The Official HCG Diet Plan

Thursday, May 31st, 2012 | Permalink

People are finding varied ways of implementing the HCG diet plan. When we say HCG diet plan we usually refer to the one developed by Dr. Simeon, the first person to introduce the HCG hormone as a weight loss agent.

There many good reasons why Dr. Simeon chose the foods he included in the HCG diet recipe and why the diet is a very low calorie.  He developed the diet in such a way that it would respond to specific needs. The first need was to cleanse your body of toxins that made it less efficient when it came to metabolizing foods consumed.  The second need was it made the HCG hormone even more effective.

The HCG diet plan calls for consumption of 125 to 200 IUs of the HCG hormone daily.  This hormone, he found out when he was working with pregnant women in the 1960’s, helped to reduce weight by accelerating a person’s metabolic process.  Unfortunately, though, this property of the hormone had to be triggered when directly applied to weight loss. Dr. Simeon experimented long and hard before he came up with a solution to this problem – the HCG diet.

The official HCG diet plan tackles various matters like the kinds of foods you may consume and how much. The measurements are exact and there are recommendations as to how meals should be prepared.  Changing the foods and corresponding amounts proposed in the HCG diet recipe is not encouraged.

The plan starts with two or three days of consuming calorie loaded foods. You probably find this strange, but if you are just off an unsuccessful low calorie diet program, you have to stabilize your stocks of body fat. This calorie loading makes it a lot easier for you to adjust to phase 2, the most difficult of the three phases of the HCG diet plan.

Phase 2 of the official HCG diet plan does not allow any kind of solid food for breakfast. But you can have coffee or tea in any amount you like, and you may have one teaspoon of milk to go along with it. You may use stevia as sweetener, but definitely no sugar. For the needed calorie there’s a bit of melba bread or grassini.

The diet plan provides a list of foods you may choose from when preparing lunch or dinner. There are lean meats, vegetables, fruit and shrimp or lobster. All foods are to be measured raw. To avoid adding more calories during food preparations, it is recommended that grilling or broiling is the main method of cooking. You can prepare meals in other ways if you prefer, however, you can only use condiments and seasonings specified in the recipe. You can find the official HCG diet plan in “Pounds and Inches”, a book written by Dr. Simeon to guide dieters in the proper implementation of the HCG program.

There’s really no need to revise the HCG diet plan as formulated by Dr. Simeon. It has been proven potent many times over by many people. Anything you add to or deduct from the original diet will certainly have an impact on the results of your weight loss efforts and a lot of times the impact is not what you’d like.