Losing Weight is not difficult with the HCG Diet Plan

Albert T. W. Simeons, a British doctor, developed the HCG diet plan while he was in India working with pregnant women. He discovered that the HCG hormone secreted by the women, helped people with weight problems.  The HCG, he found out, allowed people to take on very low calorie diets because it enabled them to make use of their stored body fat to replace the calories lacking in their diets, and it helped them preserve their muscle mass.

Very low calorie diets are very popular these days. However, there are many complaints about these diets. Unbearable cravings for food and health issues are the main reasons why these diets often fail. The HCG diet plan takes care of these issues. The diet is low calorie and low carb, but it offers foods rich in proteins and fibers. These foods promote good health, and stay much longer in the stomach which means people feel satisfied with less food and do not feel hunger shortly after meals. The HCG diet requires people to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. Taking sips of water every so often prevents food cravings from making trouble.

The HCG diet food lists provide very limited quantities of food. The food lists created by Dr. Simeons which can be found in the book is the first recipe of the HCG diet plan. There are other food lists espoused by other HCG advocates that supposedly work better, but the original food is really the best.

The proteins, fibers, and water help ease the cravings food. They can’t eliminate the food cravings completely, however. It is the hormone actually which makes the diet more tolerable.  The constant burning of fat stores guarantees the body has continuous supply of energy while excess pounds are rapidly dropped.

HCG diet plan has several phases. The first phase is known as the loading period. During this phase, which runs for two or three days, HCG dieters are permitted to consume their favored calorie-loaded foods. The intention is for dieters to add more fats in the bodies. They have an easier time dealing with HCG diet side effects when their bodies have adequate amount of fat to convert into energy during phase 2.

Phase two of the plan is the low calorie diet. This phase can last 23 to 40 days depending on the amount of excess fat that needs to be removed. When the 23rd day is reached and the weight loss target is achieved, the consumption of the HCG is stopped. The diet though continues for another three days. After this, the maintenance phase follows covering three weeks.  During Phase 2, people are expected to lose not less than half pound a day.

The HCG hormone can be taken through injections or HCG drops. The daily amount of HCG required each day is 125 to 200 IUs. Of the two methods, the HCG drops is more convenient.  It is painless unlike the injections which many find threatening.

No one is required to do strenuous exercises when undergoing the HCG diet plan. HCG diet experts recommend just light exercises.




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