What are the Side Effects of HCG Drops?

The HCG diet has side effects.  People who had undergone the diet can tell you that.  The side effect though is, more than anything else, often the result of faulty implementation of HCG diet protocols. So if you ask “do the HCG drops have side effects?”, you will get a negative answer and it will be accurate.

Instead of being the cause of serious discomforts, the HCG drops help to prevent a lot of them. The HCG diet is very low calorie and as can be expected, it brings about headaches, mood swings and leg cramps, not to mention the usual food cravings. Without the HCG drops, though, the diet can have side effects more serious than those already mentioned.  As perhaps you know already, prolonged low calorie diet can shift the metabolism to a starvation mode and when this happens the protein in muscles are consumed to generate energy.  The HCG drops prevents this by making the metabolism work extra fast.  This process means the body always has adequate supply of needed calories.  This reduces the food cravings as well.

Some people say men can experience hair loss because of the HCG hormone. This is not true at all. If there are men who actually experience hair loss it cannot be the consequence of using the HCG drops. The only logical explanation for this is it is caused by the stress of the HCG diet.

There are men who fear they will develop women-like physical attributes because the HCG hormone is taken from women. Some fear they will develop “boobs”. These fears are unfounded. Thousands of men have successfully completed the HCG diet program and not one among them is complaining about having actually developed “boobs” or other women-like characteristics.

Women get the same side effects from the HCG diet as the men, the same slight dizziness, mood swings and leg cramps. As the diet progresses and the properties of the hormone take effect, these side effects will disappear.  There is the OHSS of course, a more severe side effect that affects women, but it is very rare and you can be off the program long before anything serious happens.

The HCG hormone can only have negative effects when you administer it through the injection method. Injections are not liked by most people for aside from the pains, it can cause blood clots, and contamination. The tedious process of preparing the shots which you may not have time anyway, and administering them yourself can also aggravate the stress you get from the HCG diet.

The HCG drops eliminate all difficulties related to the injections. You only need to swallow five drops of the hormone 20 minutes before meals and you get the range of benefits the hormone offers. When you want to remove your excess pounds fast am without experiencing problems take the HCG drops. This form of HCG hormone doesn’t have any kind of side effects that can render the HCG diet ineffective. In fact, it makes the diet work even more efficiently.


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